The Zerubbabel Society was founded several years ago to facilitate a way to contribute to the charity of your choice while enjoying the added benefit of being a member of a unique and special group of Royal Arch Masons. A Companion must commit to donating $1000 at the rate of $100 per year for 10 years. He may also make the donation in its entirety if he so chooses.

As an incentive, the new Zerubbabel Society member is presented with an attractive jewel which may be worn at all Royal Arch function as well as a pin which may be worn as part of the jewel or by itself. The pin contains a ruby-like stone and upon completion of the $1000 pledge, is replaced by a diamond-like stone. For each $1000 donation, another diamond-like stone is displayed on the pin. Look carefully as you might meet generous Companions with pins displaying 7 or 8 diamonds! Each year at the Annual Communication in March, before the GHP Banquet, a private cocktail reception is held for Zerubbabel Society members. This is a wonderful event full of like-minded Companions who can socialize and share their Royal Arch experiences in an intimate setting. The prestigious event alone has been responsible for generating a very respectable cash flow for our charities. Also becoming quite popular is for an individual Chapter to become a Zerubbabel Society member. By doing so, the High Priest representing the Chapter at the Grand Convocation may attend the private reception on behalf of his Chapter.

To become a member, simply complete the form you can download HERE and send it with your first installment to the Grand Secretary’s office in Utica. A Grand Line officer will then attend your Chapter and present you with your jewel and pin.