Charity is one of the benchmarks of Freemasonry and, particularly, Royal Arch Masonry. Grand Chapter of New York, Royal Arch Masons, has realized annual donations approaching $100,000 thanks to the generosity of our Companions. Our total charitable donations rank in the millions. The Zerubbabel Society, while not a separate charitable entity, was created several years ago as a means to donate to the charity of your choice in a gradual and consistent manner. 

Medical Relief Fund

The Medical Relief Fund is made available to members and their immediate family members. It i used for most illnesses that affect of the cardio-pulmonary system including cancer, but is also available for many other ailments or needs. 

To begin the process, download HERE and follow the instructions on the form.

RAM Educational Assistance Program

The Royal Arch Medical Research Foundation, Inc.

The Royal Arch Medical Research Foundation’s mission was formed by the Grand Chapter to support the scientific efforts of the Masonic Medical Research Institute.

Since 1958, the MMRI has been a world-class and internationally recognized leader in Molecular Genetic Core studies identifying factors responsible for diseases. Scientific advances in this area facilitate the development of gene-specific therapies and cures for arrhythmias and identify individuals at risk for sudden cardiac deaths.

We invite every Royal Arch Mason to participate in the great work of helping our fellow man.


Twice each year the Royal Arch Charity Chairman will send a letter to each Companion soliciting donations. Fulfillment gifts for donations of $100, $250, $500, & $1000 are offered, or you may choose to opt-out of the gift and have 100% of your donation utilized.

Note: Payments for your Zerubbabel commitment are eligible for any Grand Chapter fulfillment gift equal in value to the amount of money contributed during that particular calendar year. (For example, if you donate $500.00 for this year, you are entitled to receive the $500.00 fulfillment gift for this year unless you choose not to).

Perhaps attend a charity event in your District. Check with your D.D.G.H.P. or District Charity Chairman for events in your District. You may earmark your donation for a specific charity, or have it allocated by the GHP to a charity that may have special needs. You might also consider speaking with your financial advisor about the tax benefits of planned giving such as; IRA Charitable Rollovers, Memorials and Honoraria, or Stocks and Bonds. Small or large, every penny helps us support our Companions and their families in need.