Living Past Grand High Priests

2019 Paul G. Huck

2018 Allan M. Bryant, Sr.

2017 Bruce Testut

2016 Raymond Roche

2015 Cyril A. Francis

2014 Piers A. Vaughan  Mail_toside

2013 Richard J. Kessler  Mail_toside

 2012 Michael T. Dunn   Mail_toside

2010 Jeffrey M. Williamson   Mail_toside

2008 Griffith Jones III  Mail_toside

2006 Alan J. Morgan  Mail_toside

2005 Walter J. Hilsenbeck

2004 James W. Hemstrought, Jr.

2003 David F. Stoy

2002 Edmund D. Harrison  Mail_toside

2001 E. Donald Lounsberry  Mail_toside

2000 Dale A. Tynan

1999 Arnold E. Palmer

1998 Edward S. Newsham  Mail_toside

1997 Richard Trust

1995 Bruce Renner  Mail_toside

1993 Edward R. Trosin  Mail_toside

1991 Eugene Ellis

For a list of ALL Grand High Priests for the Royal Arch of the State of New York, click HERE.