Become a Royal Arch Mason

“Royal Arch” isn’t just a collection of more Degrees but is intimately tied to the Three Degrees conferred in our Symbolic (Blue) Lodges. In fact, the Royal Arch has been considered an essential part of these Degrees since the 18th Century.

The York Rite Degrees of Royal Arch and Cryptic Masonry complete and fill in the spaces of the story of the Three Degrees. They create a deeper understanding and build upon the lessons that only a Master Mason could and should know. What to expect:

Mark Master

You’re the new workman at the Temple. Discover the Peculiar Stone and its fate. Be judged and mark your work with pride. Be worthy to ask for your wages — or suffer the penalty.

Virtual Past Master

Learn the Secrets of the Chair of Solomon. Preside over your Brethren, fulfilling your requirement to be Exalted.

Most Excellent Master

Our Grand Master is no longer with us, but the work is finished. Experience firsthand the completion and dedication of the Temple.

The Holy Royal Arch

It’s been generations since the destruction of the Temple. With those in exile who have returned, you make your way through the Four Veils to join the workmen in building a Second Temple. Without thought of reward or perils, even death, you uncover a hidden chamber. What will you discover? Is That which is lost found again?

Once Exalted by completing these Four Degrees, you are no longer only a Brother, but a Companion, entitled to belong to a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

Companionship Awaits You

You must be a Master Mason in good standing from a regular Lodge recognized by our jurisdiction. If you are not a Freemason, you can begin your journey HERE.

These four Degrees are conferred by a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. If you are in New York State, complete the form below. For all other States, go HERE.

Please use this form ONLY if you are a Freemason looking to join a Chapter in New York State.