The last month or so has not been very generous to my health. However, there has definitely been a turn for the better and I’m hitting the ground running-a month and a half late. Because of this I have had to readjust my convention schedule which, hopefully, you’ll be able to see today  (May 10) in about three hours after I talk to Webmaster Ken, again. The problem has been a personal one and has nothing to do with Ken’s expertise or powers of explanation. I’ve become too comfortable with the ways I do things. After all, I have been successful in the protocols I’ve used in my life to get things done. Why do I have to do them differently?  When Ken explains what has to be done, I find myself not paying attention  or even worse expecting not to understand what he’s saying.

Yet here I am ready to travel the state and promote Ritual change and growth. The personal experience with setting  up my blog and calendar reminds me that what we all are trying to do is easier said then done; that the effort made by good men to become better is not merely getting better in what you’re used to but getting better in actions and situations  in which we are uncomfortable. I have to remember that in my presentations.

R. E. Peter C.Pizzorno

Grand Lecturer

PS   Ken,  thank you for your patience!