My dear Companions:

I greet you in the name of the Great I Am of the universe and I am looking forward to serve you and the Grand Chapter for the ensuing masonic year.

My message to you is simple, TEAM: Together Everybody Achieves More.

I have chosen this Motto for I know that if each and every one of us get involve in the affairs of our chapter, the Grand Chapter will be in good shape.

If your chapter is able to open and close without the use of the ritual, and at least do the Mark Master and Past Master Degrees, you will be able to retain your membership, for all of us feel great when ritual work is done in a fair manner, candidates gets exited and can not wait to receive the balance of degrees.

Encourage the brothers of your lodge’s to join your chapter and receive further light, but remember one thing, if the newly exalted companion does not receive the degree in a professional manner he will not return to any meeting specially if he is used to good ritual work in his lodge, so we need to ensure that we are always doing great ritual work. if your chapter is not able to do the work on his own, then seek the help of sister chapters in and out of your district, help is always needed and many companions are willing to volunteers their service for this is what makes them.

Use the website to promote your chapter events, take photos and send us the information, everything you do in your chapter is important and it should be published so others can see the excellent work that is been performed in the chapter.

We have four main charities, the Diseases of the Lungs, Scholarship Fund, Zerubbabel Society and Royal Arch Seals, all are 100 % tax deductibles. these charities help our companions and families, as small as the donations may be, this is expended and it goes a far way, it helps our recipients with oxygen dependency, helps to purchase a book, yes most of our scholarship recipient are looking forward to these grants and if only we could increase the amount we are giving it will be much more appreciated, I am requesting your assistance and support of these funds.

I am looking forward to meet and greet you in my travels, and don’t forget I need you and my TEAM.


Cyril A. Francis
Grand High Priest 2015